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Rajasthani Meal

Rajasthani Meal




A traditional Rajasthani rural house has minimal modern essentials. All members of the family are busy in the farms the whole day. Still the mealtime is a ceremony. Curries, chutneys (grounded vegetable paste), rotis (Indian homemade bread of wheat, maize or millets), buttermilk, ghee (clarified butter) and other assortments make it an ideal meal for a Rajasthani rural family.

Coupled with it is the serene rural setting with farms all around, cattle being fed, a well, huts and trees. The food is prepared over firewood by the housewives and all the ingredients are grown in the village which makes the food 100% original and chemical-free. The simple yet satisfying meals are taken together by the family where the men eat first and women feed them. The meal is given utmost respect and leaving anything uneaten over the dish is considered disrespect.

A stranger or a guest in such families is greeted and treated with much warmth. The best available at home is served to them. Before the meal, the guest is introduced to all members of the family. He is then taken to visit their farms, granary, barns, cattle and the village. At the mealtime the guest is supposed to remove his shoes and wash hands and feet thoroughly. After the meal, the guest is free to laze over the wooden charpoy under millions of crystal stars while blowing the water pipe. The complete calm & peace of the starlit night is broken only by the occasional movements of the cattle under the cattle-shed or by the whistling of the insects in the nearby bushes. A complete contrast to what the guest experiences otherwise in his hectic lifestyle. A ceremony full of simple things in life.

Network takes its guest to one such rural family in Rajasthan. An experience for which nothing can be called created or touristy. Everything stands 100% original


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